In Spring 2015, I taught three sections of the Government & Politics of Texas, which coincided with the Texas 84th Legislative Session. I transformed the second half of the course into an exercise in experiential learning on political discourses in Texas government. 82 students were divided into 25 groups (3-4 students per group) and each group was assigned a position topic for or against legalizing marijuana. I asked the students to think of themselves as lobbyists or grassroots activists invited to participate in a Cannabis Expo, which we scheduled for the last week of class. Each table set up and debated- via their posters- the political, cultural, and economic perspectives on the merits of marijuana legalization, and observers cast votes based on the most compelling student presentations and posters. This event drew a large crowd and was the first of its kind on campus, but more important, my students "learned politics by doing."

Carlie, Katie, Maria, Payton_Cannabis Expo.jpg